Our Projects

Live Well Coaching Services

Crisis intervention and life coaching are available to individuals and families experiencing serious problems.

Group sessions are offered that will improve quality of life to the participants. 

Disaster Recovery and Relief

Project Houston CDC is actively involved in assisting our community in recovery after Hurricane Harvey.  We have provided food, water, clothing, and building supplies and teams to help families get their lives back on track.  We believe that meeting the basic needs of home, food and clothing are an important part of the healing process following a disaster.  Project Houston is endeavoring to continue partnerships with many organizations to provide both monetary and physical resources to help meet the goals of helping families rebuild and move back into their homes. 

Every gift helps with this ongoing crisis response, but here are some very practical and specific amounts to consider:

  • $150 = Replacement of a family’s bedding
  • $300 = A kit to help a flooded refugee family restart
  • $750 = Flood repairs for a room for a family
  • $1,500 = Sheetrock and related supplies for a partially flooded home
  • $2,500 = A month’s support for an outreach worker
  • $7,500 = Repairs to a partially damaged home
  • $20,000 = Materials for complete restoration of a family’s flooded home.

Help us reach our financial goals!

You can help us build hope in Houston area communities by donating financially!